{Crochet Free Pattern} Wall Organizer

I found a picture on google one day of an organizer. So I had to make one. I couldn’t find a pattern. So, I wrote one based on the image. I made a few modifications to it. I have been informed that the original photo was a pattern from Crochet World magazine.

Sorry this is the only picture I took before I hung it up and filled it


Back Piece
Row 1: FSC 38
Row 2-40: DC in each across. (38)
Row 41: SC in each across. (38)
Tie off and weave in ends.


Pockets (Make 3)
CH 18
Row 1: DC in 2nd from hook, DC in each across (16)
R 2-22: DC in each across. (16)


Leave three rows between each pocket, and the top. Two on the bottom.


I sewed it together one inch from each side, just sewing with yarn. I could have done mine tighter, though sew it how you are comfortable. As you can see in the picture the first row has 3 pockets and the other 2 have only 2. I did this because of the objects I was putting in it. Sew it however works for you. Its a really loose pattern.

To view the PDF click here!


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