{Crochet Free Pattern} Rainbow Purse

I have been trying to expand my skill base to increase sales and to just have a bigger collection of things I can make. So, I have been looking at things on Pinterest and making them from the picture because a lot of them don’t have patterns and a lot of them don’t need patterns because the picture explains everything. I started crocheting from pictures and was unable to read patterns for a very long time so this has been a pretty nice skill.
Worsted Weight Yarn
(Unless specified use whatever contrasting color you want. I chose Black.)
R1: FDC 80
R2-3:DC 80.
R4-5 Red: DC 80.
R6: DC 80.
R7-8 Orange; DC 80
R9; DC 80.
R10-11 Yellow; DC80.
R12; DC 80.
R13-14 Green;DC 80.
R15; DC80.
R16-17 Blue; DC80.
R18; DC80.
R19-20 Purple: DC 80.
R21-23: DC 80. Fasten off and weave in ends.
Fold into half leaving about 3-4 inches for the flap. Bind sides together in your prefered method.
Find the center of the flap and make a chain of 3-6 depending on what size button and attach the button below that.
Find the corner next to the flap sl st in the first st next to the flap.
R1: SC10.
R2: DC 10
(Continue DC10 until you have your desired length then sc to the other side to connect them.)


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