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Rainbow Crochet Purse Pattern {Free}

I have always loved rainbows. They are always a good call when it comes to an accent piece, or accessory. Maybe not always, but I’d like to think so. Naturally when I was making gifts for the girls in my son’s kindergarten class on their birthdays I needed something that was quick and easy. A good beginner pattern because I was so afraid to branch out in the world of crochet at that point. I wrote this rainbow crochet purse pattern in a moment of need, and it has become a staple. A good go to gift.
Rainbow Bag Pattern Purl Moon Co.
This pattern is super easy, it works up in about 2 or 3 hours. You can customize it in any way, and color scheme. I however designed it with a rainbow in mind, so that is how I mostly make them.

Materials: Rainbow Crochet Purse Pattern Free- Purl Moon Co. Blog -

Worsted Weight Yarn
(Unless specified use whatever contrasting color you want. I chose Black.)

Rainbow Purse Pattern:

R1: FDC 80
R2-3:DC 80.
R4-5 Red: DC 80.
R6: DC 80.
R7-8 Orange; DC 80
R9; DC 80.
R10-11 Yellow; DC80.
R12; DC 80.
R13-14 Green;DC 80.
R15; DC80.
R16-17 Blue; DC80.
R18; DC80.
R19-20 Purple: DC 80.
R21-23: DC 80. Fasten off and weave in ends.
Fold into half leaving about 3-4 inches for the flap. Bind sides together in your prefered method.
Find the center of the flap and make a chain of 3-6 depending on what size button and attach the button below that.


Find the corner next to the flap sl st in the first st next to the flap.
R1: SC10.
R2: DC 10
(Continue DC10 until you have your desired length then sc to the other side to connect them.)
Let me know what you make with this pattern, as always you may sell whatever you make with this pattern commercially, or keep it for yourself. As long as you don’t take the pattern and redistribute it as your own, if you post a review of this pattern please link back to it.
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