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Men’s Crochet Slipper Pattern {Free}

As promised, a little later than intended, I present to you the men’s crochet slipper pattern. These are size 11 but you could easily modify the pattern to work for your size by taking away rows or adding them. This pattern is so easy, a beginner could do it. Just make sure to try them on as you go if you’re making them for yourself. If making them for someone be sure to measure. Remember that part of what keeps slippers on our feet is the way they hug them. So it will measure smaller than the actual foot, should be smaller by an inch or 2. This yarn has quite a bit of ease, or stretch to the fabric once crocheted.

My boyfriend liked my slippers so much he had me make him a set too. These are so great, it is such a great compliment that he wears them all the time. Definitely not regretting the decision to make these.

Materials:MensBulkySlipper Crochet Purl Moon Free Pattern- Purl Moon Co. Blog -

Bernat Blanket yarn
Hook size N 9.00 MM
Darning Needle

Men’s Crochet Slipper Pattern:

R1: MC slst in circle, ch2, 9dc slst to join. (10)
R2: ch 2 dc in same, 2dc in ea. around (20)
R3-10: Sc in ea st. (20)
R11: sc in 15 ch 1 turn. (15)
R12-20: sc in ea across. ch1 turn. (15)

Fold rs in, slst or sc together down the row just worked.
Sc around the top (where the foot goes in).
For non-slip use puffy paint on the bottom.

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