{Free Crochet Pattern}: Women’s Size 8 Slippers


Bernat Blanket yarn
Hook size N 9.00 MM

Women’s size 8- Make 2

R1: MC slst in circle ch 2, 11dc slst to join. (12)
R2: Ch2 2dc in same stitch *1dc, 2dc* around. (18)R3-9: sc around (18)
R10: sc 14 ch1 turn
R11-20: sc 14

Fold rs in, slst or sc together down the row just worked.
Sc around the top (where the foot goes in).
For non-slip use puffy paint on the bottom.

Pattern Notes:

Pattern has only been tested for a Womens’ size 8. Each single crochet row is about half an inch, so for bigger or smaller sizes add or subtract how many you need. If you try it out in any other size let me know how it works. In the next few days I’ll have a mens’ and child size pattern up for the same slipper. I’ll also be testing them in a women’s size 6 and 7 soon.

Thank you all! Don’t forget to like or comment on here! Especially if you try it out.

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