Hand Dying Wool Roving

There is something about January that seems so bleak, so today I have decided I am going to dye some wool top roving to handspin into yarn. I am using the oven food coloring method. It may make my house smell like vinegar for a day, but I can get over that when I see how awesome my final product looks.

The first time I did this was the other day and it turned out not to be so great. I was a little drunk when I tried this. First time drinking in over four months and I decide to dye some roving. It was just on the list of really good ideas that can’t be screwed up…In all honesty it didn’t turn out as bad as it could have been. I can salvage it by spinning it and redying it I think.


Only place in the house it’s not too cold to dry right now.
Getting ready to spin!


Still learning how to be more even, but so far so good!
Today’s dye job.
So today I think the color went far better than the other day. My only problem is the blue I am using doesn’t really seem to be working. The purple is such a purple I can’t capture it on camera. I can’t wait for it to dry so I can spin it!
What are some of your favorite hand spun yarns? Which colors do you think look best together with hand spun?

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