{Free Crochet Pattern} Bulky Winter Hat

I live in Montana. The weather doesn’t often get to what I feel is too cold. Our schools rarely have snow days, though I guess to some it does get really cold. So we were about to get hit with a huge blizzard and it was right before Christmas. I hadn’t had time to make everyone a present! I was freaking out a little because the baby was teething, everyone was sick, Christmas is crazy when you have kids…CRAZY. Anyhow, so I thought of how nice thick hats would be for sledding since we were getting so much snow. I made these, and it only took me 2 hours to make the first one. I now have it down to an hour, with a little time for a break.


Size N hook
2 balls of yarn (could be same color, or a combination)
View pattern on Ravelry to see all my color combos!

Pom-pom maker. (Optional)

This is a double strand method. It is also in the round assuming that you know to slip stitch to the first stitch of the row to join.
R1: Magic Circle 12DC, slst join.
R2; 2DC in each. (24)
R3: *2DC in 1, 1DC in next, repeat from * around. (36)
R4: *2DC, 1DC in next 2 repeat from * around. (48)
R5-12: DC in each around. (48)
More rows can be added to make it longer, this pattern is formed to my gauge and I made it to the taste of the people who received them the Christmas that I wrote this pattern.
I like topping hats like this off with pom poms. So if you like to also make a pompom.
In using this pattern you are agreeing to not replicate the written pattern and sell/trade/upload it as your own. You may sell the items made with it.
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