Board Game Study Method

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As I’ve mentioned before my oldest has ADHD, and so finding ways for him to absorb information has been difficult. We have struggled more this year than the two years prior, and since he’s only in second grade we had to find a way to learn how to learn and to actually retain the knowledge.  It started out pretty rocky, and there was almost talk of holding him back a year.

It was 6:30 on a Thursday evening, I was serving dinner thinking about the million things we needed to finish before he goes to bed at 9;30, when he asked (for the fifth time that night) for a board game. I started to say no, then this idea struck me, make a game out of studying. I didn’t have time to design a new game, which was my original thought. So, I thought maybe we could play Candyland with a twist.

This is how we do it in our home. We always play where the youngest goes first when it comes to board games that way we don’t have to rely on rolling dice or anything. Each turn I ask him to spell a word, or do a math problem, if he gets it correct he takes his turn. If it is wrong I give him another chance this time with a hint or two. Then if he gets it wrong again we skip his turn. This may seem harsh, though it turns out the words he misses almost always end up to be right on the tests. I think it is because he has to work a little harder at them and with the board game he has to sit and think about that word while I take my turn.

Now every Thursday night we go over his math packet for the week, and we do a final spelling list review.This study method has been so helpful and great. I’m sure it won’t be as effective when he’s 15 as it is at 7, but for now it works and that’s what matters the most. It is so wonderful to see the incredible improvements he has made in the last few weeks. The best things about this, is that it’s totally flexible to fit your child’s tastes and abilities by choosing the games and things that they already have and play with.

What are some unique ways you get your kids to study? What are some struggles you’ve had with your ADHD children and studying?

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