Getting Started and Moving Forward

I have finally purchased a domain for this blog. It has been an adventure learning how to set it up. Hopefully things will be running smoothly from this point on. I am just so excited that I finally have the chance to get it all set up and working how I want it to. Even if that means taking three months longer than I had planned. Setbacks just make us learn and grow as people, I think.

There was a brief hiatus from this blog. The entire house took turns getting sick for the last month or so. We had a cold that lasted 2 weeks each person. Just as someone was starting to get worse but thinking they were getting better someone else would get it. It was like cold dominos. Buggy even missed some school.
Today is parent teacher conference day. I always get this knot in my stomach when this day comes. I am grateful for next year when we’ll be homeschooling and I will know exactly where he is academically and I won’t have to worry about things. The biggest thing is I can’t start really working on a curriculum until after we have this conference with his teacher and I decide whether or not he’s going to be finishing the year.
Part of me wants to take him out now and just start homeschool next week. Though, he has asked to finish the year so I am respecting his wishes and just letting him finish.

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