Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium was so great. My kids loved the area where you can touch some of the living plants and things. The way  you can see into the jellyfish is creepy, mysterious, and absolutely fascinating all at the same time. This page from the Seattle Aquarium on their moon jellyfish is really interesting and informative. For … Read More

Free Children’s Books From Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is seriously the greatest thing I ever heard about. My youngest gets a book delivered to our house for  him for free every month from birth until they turn 5. I am all for free things, I mean who isn’t? Though, when it’s something educational or literature, I am get so … Read More

Surviving Toddlers: Road Trip Edition

We are going to Washington to see my in-laws. The drive from Missoula to Lynnwood is so long for me, and I’m an adult. The ADHD runs strong in me and in my oldest so we have to have a project or a game to occupy our minds. Know your toddler’s limits, and plan the … Read More

Perler Bead Pokeball Earrings

If you look on pinterest for these there are a ton of images. Some of the earrings are large, some are small. A lot of them look mostly the same. I didn’t look any up before I made these.  You make a mini pokeball with the perler beads on a circle board. Poke a hold … Read More

2016 Mood Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

2016 Mood Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

Last year, and the year before I tried to make a mood blanket. The problem was that I was crocheting. Crochet is so easy to abandon. You just take the hook out put it down and you can still use the hook. Well, not so much with knitting. If you have something on the needles … Read More

2016 Weather Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

I really love the idea of a 365 project because it really is unique and one of a kind. I have always started one and the end of January came and I had already abandoned it. That is probably why it is now a quarter of the way into this year and I am just … Read More