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Easter Festivities

This post is quite late but here it is. This year Easter crept up on me. A lot of it had to do with the fact that it was leap year, so it was in March, and some of it had to do with the illnesses we had. We managed to get our stuff together and embrace the Easter festivities. We dyed eggs on Friday, went to an egg hunt on Saturday, then Sunday had a feast at our house.

Here are a few shots of what those days looked like for us.

A Flower of Egg
Hard Boiled Eggs…Perfectly Peelable
Bubbles’s first time dying eggs!
Buggy LOVES this time of year just because we get to dye things. Also this whick lifehack is the best! Seriously whoever thought of it, I am in awe.
They got to sit in a Lifeflight helicopter. At the egg hunt.
That day was so beautiful outside!
Daddy and Bubbles waiting for Buggy to get home so we could celebrate
and eat ham… lots of ham!
The trick egg, which was pushed into the pipe, later to be retrieved. My brother always played this prank on us so I tried to do it to my kids.
Our Easter weekend was absolutely magical! I love family and holidays.
What are some of your Easter traditions? 

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