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I set up Bloglovin’ so that’s exciting! I am surprised at how much I got done last week in the home and out. We had Bubble’s birthday. It was spring break and my oldest was home, and we did a practice run of homeschool. I feel even more confident that it is the right thing for us.

Sometimes I get just a little nervous about all of it because there are so many people who tell me that I can’t do things. I know it’s best to just not listen to that, but sometimes you can’t help but let it in. Especially when it is coming from people you love. Then I think about how much I have grown and changed in the last 3 years. About how many people are rooting for us and how many people actively show their support. I couldn’t be more grateful for all of those people. It blesses me to know how many people love us!


Here’s a look at our week in photos!


A real smile so rare!


He was so mad that he got cupcake on his hands.


Bubble’s birthday card. More on this later!


Throwing the ball for his brother!


His two favorite outside toys, a cap gun and half a scary scythe.




My genius idea of the week, using his car as a tablet holder.


There are so many fun things I have planned for this blog that are coming soon and I can’t even wait. But I have to. I can’t announce anything until it’s solid. Until next time!

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