2016 Weather Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

I really love the idea of a 365 project because it really is unique and one of a kind. I have always started one and the end of January came and I had already abandoned it. That is probably why it is now a quarter of the way into this year and I am just now posting this. As with any project that you might get behind on it is best to just write the weather down every day. I keep a small journal in the project tote that I have a list of things such as this.

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This weather blanket pattern was made by me and a friend together. We couldn’t find one we liked enough and that fit the specifications, so we just did the math, and this is what we came up with.

Using size 8 needles, average blanket length should work, worsted weight yarn.
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Cloud- Grey

Lightening- Purple
Rain- Blue
Snow- White
Sun- Yellow
(Mix it up use different colors if you want, these are just the ones I chose.)
To Start:
CO 240 with the color of the weather for day one
Day 2 (RS): K facing
Day 3 (WS): K facing
Day 4-6 (RS): K each row.
Day 7 (RS): K *yo, k2tog Repeat * to the end.
Pattern Repeat (RS Facing on all):
Day 1-6: K
Day 7: K *yo, k2tog Repeat * to the end.
To End:
Day 1-2 (RS): K facing
Day 3(WS): K facing
Day 4-6 (RS): K
Day 7(WS):BO
Some Notes:
Due to the fact that there will be so many tails, I decided to just make the sides have little fringe tassels. I knotted them at the end of each week, you’ll want 5-6 inches of tail on each row.
I prefer long tail because of the edge it makes,
Each row is started RS facing, leave a tail at the beginning and a tail at the end. I knot the tails at the end of each row with the row below’s tail.
When doing the yo, k2tog make sure you are not dropping stitches on this row. I made that mistake and then I had to add stitches, luckily I caught it in time and I didn’t have to go back.

Optional top/bottom border will help reduce the unblocked fabric from curling. I wish I would have done this, now that I am further in. There is always next year!

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I’m still a little bit behind but this is all the way
through February and a bit into March.

In using this pattern you are agreeing to not replicate the written pattern and sell/trade/upload it as your own. You may sell the items made with it.

Download the PDF.

Have you ever tried to make a 365 project? What was it? How far did you get?

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