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2016 Mood Blanket Free Knitting Pattern

Last year, and the year before I tried to make a mood blanket. The problem was that I was crocheting. Crochet is so easy to abandon. You just take the hook out put it down and you can still use the hook. Well, not so much with knitting. If you have something on the needles you are invested until it is finished and comes off, unless you’re taking it apart. I wrote this mood blanket knitting pattern because I couldn’t find any good patterns, that could translate into 365 parts. So I wrote this one, because each line is 1 day. I figured that would be easiest.

Mood Blanket Pattern Purl Moon Co. Blog www.purlmoon.com

This blanket is super easy since it only uses knit stitch, and seed stitch (K1,P1 Repeat). Definitely beginner friendly.

Some Notes:

Due to the fact that there will be so many tails, I decided to just make the sides have little fringe tassels. I knotted them at the end of each week, you’ll want 5-6 inches of tail on each row.
I prefer long tail because of the edge it makes,
Each row is started RS facing, leave a tail at the beginning and a tail at the end. I knot the tails at the end of each row with the row below’s tail.

I really prefer knitting to purling so if it’s a project like this I just turn it instead of purling. Feel free to do this however you see fit.It is really easy to get behind but, they are really quick work to catch up.

The yarn I started using is called Dazzleaire it’s a discontinued Carron brand that I was given. However I found similar colors in Big Twist Value brand.


Pink: Happy
Peach: Creative
Yellow: Grouchy
Green: Sick
Teal: PMS
Blue: Sad or Tired
Purple: Productive

Mood Blanket Knitting Pattern:

To Start:
CO 240
Day 2: RS K
Day 3: WS, K
Day 4: RS K
Day 5: WS K
Day 6: RS k
Day 7: WS K
Pattern Repeat: (2 week repeat)
Day1-7: K
Day 8: K1, P1
Day 9: P1, K1
Day 10: K1, P1
Day 11: P1, K1
Day 12: K1, P1
Day 13: P1, K1
Day 14: K1, P1
To Finish
Day 359: WS K
Day 360: RS K
Day 361: WS, K
Day 362: RS K
Day 363: WS K
Day 364: RS k
Day 365: WS BO
In using this pattern you are agreeing to not replicate the written pattern and sell/trade/upload it as your own. You may sell the items made with it.

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Have you ever worked with Dazzleaire yarn? What are your thoughts on it?

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