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Perler Bead Pokeball Earrings {Tutorial}

If you look on pinterest for Perler Bead Pokeball Earrings there are a ton of images. Some of the earrings are large, some are small. A lot of them look mostly the same. I didn’t look any up before I made these though. I should have, but I know what a Pokeball looks like. 
We made a bunch of keychains like these to hand out at my son’s birthday party as party favors and that went over so well. They are so easy and quick, we made 25 in an hour. I also have a lot of circles from a kids craft event I put on in 2013.

Pokebal Earring Tutorial Purl Moon Co. Blog


48 Red Perler Beads
49 White Perler Beads
24 Small Circular Peg Board
2 Dangle Earring pieces
4 Jump Rings
Parchment Paper
(Adult Supervision)



You make a mini pokeball with the perler beads on a circle board.
Poke a hold through the top for the jump ring, and add a few rings for them to dangle if you choose, then you put on the earring piece.
 We watch a lot of Pokemon in our house. Since it was a show I watched as a child, my kids have been watching it for most of their lives. Bubble’s favorite is Koffing, and Buggy’s favorite is a three way tie between Geodude, Golbat, and Pikachu

What is your favorite kids’ show from the 90’s?

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