Perler Bead Pokeball Earrings

If you look on pinterest for these there are a ton of images. Some of the earrings are large, some are small. A lot of them look mostly the same. I didn’t look any up before I made these. 

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You make a mini pokeball with the perler beads on a circle board. Poke a hold through the top for the jump ring, and add a few rings for them to dangle if you choose, then you put on the earring piece.
We watch a lot of Pokemon in our house. Since it was a show I watched as a child, my kids have been watching it for most of their lives. Bubble’s favorite is Koffing, and Buggy’s favorite is a three way tie between Geodude, Golbat, and Pikachu

What is your favorite kids’ show from the 90’s?

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