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Buggy’s Eighth Birthday

As a mom you just go through day to day life, and suddenly it hits you how big your babies are getting. Well, my oldest turns 8 today. I can’t even believe it! Of all the things we’ve been through all the happy times and the struggles, I am amazed we have come this far. Having children young can be really really difficult, I am proud of what we have accomplished together, and what we will accomplish.  Here’s a look back through the years of my little Bug-Man!

Awww! Look at him grow!

First day home from the hospital. (2008)
Papa Ed holding Buggy the first time. (2008)
Patiently waiting for dinner. <3 (2008)
Look at that bed head! (2009)
Always had to have his tattoos there, just like his Papa Ed. (2010)
The last time we saw my dad before he died. (2011)
Probably the second to last hug Buggy ever got from him. (2011)
Buggy’s first mohawk! (2012)
Dirty folfing boy! <3 (2013)
Cuddling his baby brother! (2014)
Playing with my mini amigurumi octopus. (2015)
Burger King (2015)
Easter Sunday (2015)

Some Photos of the Birthday

Patiently waiting to blow out candles. (2016)
Opening presents! (2016)
Makeshift cake! Forgot to get bags to decorate! (2016)
Our best friend-cousins! (2016)
Without even meaning to we replicated some photos of them, they’re in reverse positions. I seriously love it though because these boys have been friends since before they can remember, and even though we only get to see them maybe once or twice a year, they love each other so much it makes my heart so happy.

Happy birthday Buggy! You’re the greatest 8 year old I know!

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