Happy Birthday, Sister!

Today is my little sister’s birthday. She has grown into such a strong, beautiful woman. I am constantly impressed by her, and although she’s younger than me I look up to her a lot. We have come a long way from pulling each other’s hair and fighting over who got to play with the Ken doll.




She’s always been my model during my photography learning phases.
She probably always will be.


A while ago we used to always wear our bracelets I made
when we would go downtown together.
Like all sisters, we have our silly moments. <3


Us with our other sister. 🙂 <3


Believe it or not, this photo and the one below it
were taken on 2 different nights, just in the same bathroom.


Again a different night, we always dressed the same when we went out.


I am constantly impressed with the depth of her and my oldest son’s
relationship. They are like best friends sometimes, and he adores her.





Happy birthday sister! I love you so much! You have come so far in your life, and continue to shine bright. I am proud to call you my sister and my best friend. Even on our darkest days we still love each other and wish the other happiness. That’s the best part about having a sister.

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