Breathable-Cotton Crochet Hat Pattern {Free}

I wrote this cotton crochet hat pattern for someone in my Crochet group on facebook who mentioned knowing someone going through chemo, and how other hats tend to be too warm now that it’s getting hotter. By using cotton yarn and a bigger hook it gives the fabric a lot more ventilation, so keep in mind that it’s best to crochet it more loosely than you normally would. Not drastically looser, just enough that it will give the fabric more natural gaps. Cotton also is absorbent so it will absorb the sweat, and be more comfortable than an acrylic hat if sweating does occur.

The cotton yarn was hand-dyed by a friend of mine. There will definitely be more on the hand-dyed yarn later.

©2016 Purl Moon Co. & Lacie Nichols


Worsted weight cotton yarn
Size J hook. (6 MM)
Tapestry Needle (Weaving Ends in)


MC-Magic Circle
DC- Double crochet


R1: MC DC12, slst in top of first dc.
R2: 2DC in each, slst to join.
R3: CH3, 2DC in next, DC2* repeat around. slst to join.
R4: CH3, 2DC in next, DC3* repeat around. slst to join.
R5: CH3, 2DC in next, DC4* repeat around. slst to join.
R6: CH3, 2DC in next, DC5* repeat around. slst to join.
R7-15: CH3, DC in each stitch around. slst to join.

More rows can be added or taken away if needed. Fasten off how you normally would.


©2016 Purl Moon Co. & Lacie Nichols


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