Sad Ramblings

What to write when you don’t feel like writing? Sometimes life gets hard and the stress digs its claws in a little deeper. I tend to have a hard time managing time, especially when I’m stressed. So I like to try to focus on the most important things and just spend time with my kids.
I hate to admit this but I had to learn that the hard way. I missed so much time with my oldest, so many moments. Depression is a very difficult thing to deal with. Before I learned how to manage my life a little better I started realizing the things I need to give up momentarily to focus on the truly important things.
For the last two weeks I have been unmotivated, so unmotivated. In fact I had to write this on paper, I couldn’t bring myself to type it out first. There is nothing quite as relaxing and reassuring as the action of putting pen to paper. Being able to curl up in the blankets and just write is probably the greatest feeling in life. I think I need to do that more.
Sometimes you have to just give into your sadness and just be sad for a little bit. Think things out, cry a little and address the things that are wrong in your mind and heart before you can feel better.
Seriously though, in my opinion it’s good to cry it out and mope around a little. I tend to watch a lot of bad tv shows, and sad movies. Most of the time though I end up watching old cartoons from the 80’s-90’s and think about my childhood. I try to share my memories with the kids through cartoons because kids cartoons these days are nothing like the old ones.
I have been rambling so much in this post, though I needed to get all of this stuff out so I can wake up tomorrow with a clear mind and have a positive vibe. 


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