4 Children and the Chaos

I bet you have noticed I haven’t been on much lately. This is in part due to a very deep depression I always fall into surrounding my dad’s birthday and then I watched my friend’s two lovely children for a week.

We had a blast. However I never realized how much work four children can be. Not to mention how much they can help keep each other busy so I can get some things done like dinner. Though on their off days they all fought the whole time. And don’t get me started on the mess. The whole house a disaster zone most of the time. I would come in the room and have to say “Mid-morning cleanup!” Or something similar to that. We had each kid in charge of a different set of toys or item and the clean up went smoothly.

I learned to balance activities and know when to pipe in and redirect to avoid major catastrophe. It was definitely a learning experience on all of our parts. I tried to teach her oldest how to tie his shoes, and her daughter to loom knit. Well we started it but since I couldn’t find the right loom hook or loom it wasn’t a complete lesson. I think in a year or two with the right equipment she will be ready to learn all the tricks.

My kids were the ones who had to get told off the most. Bubble is two so that just happens, though Buggy was jealous or something. Most of the time he was just doing things to be funny or something and really just being reckless, or rude. It is definitely eye opening and something I need to work on with him.

I set out with all these pinterest links in mind and thinking we would do all sorts of fun stuff. In reality they just played with each other and they all were so exhausted they took naps. The thing we did the most was run around the back yard. We took walks, and walked all the way to the store and back one of the days. We spent a lot of time play fighting in the back yard, and playing with Play Dough.

All in all, I have to say mad props to you mamas who have more than two kids! It was exhausting!

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