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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go!

So this new Pokemon Go app has been such a great thing for my family. We spent several hours out and about collectively this week going to find Pokemon. It was nice to get out into nature and although we had to wait around on the servers and stuff, it was still nice to go on a walk, and play outside. It really made the distances we were walking seem not so great because there is a goal in mind.

I seriously love that they put this on here.
It is so important to remember to look up when you’re trying to
walk and game.

The best part about this is that it encourages you to walk more on a bunch of different levels. We keep finding groups of people out doing the same thing at the park we walked to.  At Pokestops you can get eggs, and to incubate them you have to walk a certain amount of meters. The Pokestops also have things like pokeballs, healing potions, and other items from the game.

The biggest problem right now is the server issues. I assume that they didn’t expect so many people to be downloading and using it right away. It’s a new app, released on the 6th, so I don’t understand all the people complaining so much about the bugs. That’s a common thing with anything technology related. I have noticed that when I am alone in my house I have far fewer errors than when I am in a group of people and we’re all trying to remain connected. In fact, it feels like the more people the more issues there tend to be. I am not sure if that is actually a reason, but just in the past few days I’ve noticed a trend with it.


Here are some screen shots of the app from my tablet. Though when we go on our walks we usually take a phone and use Dad’s account.


Each pokemon you catch has a page that looks similar to this. It will tell you all the stats of that particular creature, and then at the bottom it shows a map shot of where you caught it. On this screen you can power up the pokemon, which increases the CP (Combat Power) level, or you can evolve it.


The gyms are where you can battle for your team. The teams are Red (Valor), Blue (Mystic), and Yellow (Instinct). I’m yellow because the people I pal around with are yellow.


I love this app and highly recommend, however if you’re not very patient, I think you should wait until they fix the bugs. 



Take a look at this article 12 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Video Games. They talk about how playing video games in moderation can benefit your mind. All in all I highly recommend installing the Pokemon Go app on your device and walking your way to Pokemon glory.

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