Night Photography

Photography has been a long time passion of mine. When I was in middle school I always would get the disposable cameras and try to take artful photos. My mom bought me a digital pen camera from that Heartland catalog in 2004. It wasn’t until this summer that I finally got some good shots of the night sky. Night photography is so fun, but it can be so challenging.

Here are some of the shots






Trial and Error…Equipment Woes

I really want to learn the best way to edit these, and I want to find a better place to do it than in someone’s front yard. I am really amazed by how easy it was to do with this Nikon D3300. I had a Canon Rebel before this but it was the cheapest version and it was very difficult to learn on. My friend who is far more skilled with it than I am is even having trouble figuring out how to do everything, so that makes me feel like its the complexity of or the quality of the camera and not us.
It has been a rocky summer starting homeschool, having one minor catastrophe after another, I keep forgetting to write about it all in here. We’ve been so busy! I hope everyone is having as great of a summer as we have been having. Let me know what you’ve been up to!


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