Aluminum Free Deodorant Tips


The Good, The Bad, & The Smelly

Let’s talk aluminum free deodorant. When you hear that you immediately think of someone you know who has tried it, and they stunk all the time, but it would be awkward so you didn’t say anything. I may have found the key.

People view the whole deodorant this as a once a day thing, and with aluminum deodorants it is, and some even boast that they go into the night, or the next day. However, with the natural kind it has to be applied often, especially in the summer, I haven’t figured out in the winter yet because I just switched a month ago. Though it will be different for everyone, I just know my body and how I sweat, and after experimenting having my children give me feedback, I have a better idea of how to deodorize properly with aluminum free.

The secret is that you need to wash your pits before you reapply. It is inconvenient that every time you notice your deodorant is starting to fail, that you have to go wash and put new stuff on. If you switched because of a skin condition or a rash like I did, it is really important to take it seriously for your health, and find a solution to not stink out everyone around you.

Deodorant Science

So let’s break down the science. Deodorant is to neutralize the odor caused by the bacteria that breed in your sweat. Antiperspirant is to stop the sweat from coming out. Our bodies need to sweat it is what helps regulate body temperature, expel some toxins, and to balance out sodium levels out.

So it would make sense that you need to deodorize more often than use an antiperspirant, since the sweat will no doubt wear the deodorant down. Especially since we sweat one to two pints a day. It just evaporates quickly, unless it’s hot, or the physical activity increases.

The best part of all of it is, my rash is gone, I am more physically comfortable, and after experimenting with time windows and other things I am certain that I have found the secret on how to be aluminum free and not smell.

I highly recommend the switch! The lavender scented kind I have been using have been repelling mosquitoes all summer I’ve only had one bite. Which is seriously incredible because I always get so many.

I recently read a blog saying that Tom’s of Maine has all these bad ingredients in it, but I looked all of these up and they don’t seem bad. Most of them are extracts and oils from plants.


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