Sewing Bliss

Last fall I was given a sewing machine when my best friend moved to an area of Seattle. She moved back and got a newer sewing machine from her boyfriend’s mother, and since has begun teaching me how to work the machine well. It has been a fun learning experience. I try to not get too upset when I make mistakes or epicly fail at something.

So far this week I have made a tote bag and a pair of pants for my son. I needed to use thicker fabric for the bag, but it’ll do for now. I have just been keeping yarn for an order that I am working on in it, and it has held up well. Better pictures to come definitely!

The pants I made using a pair of Bubble’s sweat pants as a guide and I accidentally cut one of the sides wrong, so there is one side that is facing the wrong way. Oops! Though it does kind of look okay. It’s almost funny. The biggest problem though is that I really need to work at getting my stitches to be just a little straighter and neater. The double stitched parts I need to get the lines of stitches a little closer together.

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