End of August, End of Summer

I can’t even believe that summer is over. It is August 31st, so basically there is another 23 days of “summer”. Though once September hits it all feels like fall. How did the time go by so quickly?

There are so many things I wanted to do this summer but didn’t get a chance to, and there are so many great things I got to do this summer. Since we started homeschooling in July it kind of made half of the summer rush by in a blur of construction paper and arithmetic.

I gave up on trying to make my own curriculum and ended up paying for a monthly program. If you haven’t heard about Time4Learning check it out. It’s a really great program. We love it so far. My son has done leaps and bounds better at focus and all of that since we switched. Though there will be a post on this later!

I started bullet journaling this summer to become more organized and that’s really great. Though, In hindsight I neglected my blog and social media and spent my time outside playing with the kids. Sometimes you have to put the gadgets away and just have a day.

The other parents in my district sent their kids back to school on Monday and my newsfeed was blown up by all the adorable little faces off to a fresh new school year. Meanwhile my oldest sat at the coffee table munching on his cereal while we watched an episode of Ghost Adventures before starting our lesson that day.

I am so excited for autumn because usually that means my birthday, pumpkin spice, cozy knits, and a lot of binge watching tv with the kids. It also means less humidity and cooler temperatures. Not to mention Halloween and pumpkin carving! Can I just carve one now? Only joking we don’t need time to do that rushing by quickly thing again.

Here’s hoping that my fall is more productive on the blog than my summer was, but also here’s hoping that it’s just as fun.

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