Importance of Drinking Water

So, what is the importance of drinking water anyway?

Let’s face it no one really overly enjoys drinking water, which is why there are so many people out there who remind you to drink water often. On television, at the doctor, on Pinterest and even on Facebook. If you are one of those rare people who enjoy it congratulations, you’re one step ahead of most. So what is the importance of drinking water anyway? Hydration is so important especially since your body is about 60% of water. Water helps your digestion, it keeps your joints lubricated, and it helps regulate your temperature.

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You might ask yourself…
So how much water should I be drinking? 

That is a question a lot of people have asked. Some say it doesn’t matter and to drink water based on how you feel, some say it does matter to make sure you’re drinking 8-8oz glasses a day. Though on this webMD article I read that you should drink between half or one whole ounce for every pound of your body weight.

There are other factors than just weight, the heat and your activity level come into play too. Since quite a bit of our water is lost when our body is using it to regulate its temperature, it’s important to drink more water on days that are hot or on days that you are more active. If you are drinking/eating high sodium foods, or diuretics you will need to drink more to make up for the excess that your body is using to manage and digest these things.

When you’re drinking alcohol you should be drinking water at a one to one ratio to keep your body hydrated, and also to keep the hangovers at bay.

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It is also important to be aware of what time in your day you’re drinking water. If you drink water right when you wake up it helps your stomach wake up before you put coffee or food in it. When you drink it before a meal it helps you identify when you are full better, and before a shower it can reduce blood pressure. Drinking a glass before bed can help you avoid a stroke or heart attack.

I hope this helps. It sure has helped me. I also downloaded a basic water tracker app and it alerts me on the hour to remind me to drink some water.

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