Big Plans

Autumn always brings out in me the best. I tend to be more productive, I tend to be happier. I also get a lot more stuff done around my house or pertaining to my crafts. I am not like overly excited about pumpkin spice because spiced chai is better, however it is a nice fall treat.

Speaking of productivity, in the last week I have knitted a stocking for an order, I helped teach my friend to crochet, I sorted/photographed and sold some of my kids’ clothes that don’t fit. I’ve also been working on designing a website for my parents. (So excited about this, and definitely more on it later!) It has been such a productive week, well I guess two weeks. September is my second favorite month.

I am so excited about some things that will be changing around here and I can’t tell you guys yet what all is happening until it’s finalized. However, I am excited! I hope you are too. <3 So many new things will be happening this fall and winter.

So bring on the cozy knits, the pumpkin spice, and soft blankets. (Amirite?!)

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