Dad’s New Car!

It is my belief that every dad who is there every day, fighting in the trenches of parenthood, should have something that is just his. Something that he gets to choose when and with whom he shares it. So last month we got an Audi TT. It needs a little work, and it probably won’t be used a ton in the icy Montana winter that is coming.

I have been a working parent and I have been a homemaking parent. I much prefer homemaking because I get to be there for ever little minute with these kids, and I get the chance to homeschool. This however means that my man has to work ten hour days, 5 days a week at his manufacturing job so I can stay at home with the kids and keep the house running smoothly.

So we got the a new car. This car is so amazing. It feels like you’re not even moving when you’re riding in it, even at 70mph. It is so very tiny and when both the kids are in the back, I get a little claustrophobic. (Probably not safe, but we had to let them ride in it once, so we went to a McD’s drive through.) I always bump my head when I get in but once I’m in it’s golden.

The interior is still in really great condition, there are a few gauges and stuff that aren’t working and it’s timing is off. He’s going to be working on it and I am really excited about this because that means I get to learn about what he is doing and how to help. I may seem like a really girly kind of girl, but cars get me so excited. I love the fact that I have my spark plugs, and oil when needed. Hell, I even put a radiator into my old Taurus. (I had help and supervision of course!)

There will probably be a lot more posts on this car as we work on it and improve it.

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