Gluten Free Cheese Sauce Recipe

I am starting a new weekly. Here is today’s recipe, this recipe will be linked back to in a few of the recipes I post. It is seriously my favorite cheese sauce, I make it very often. Sometimes it needs a little salt because gluten free foods tend to lose flavor.
(This picture has some taco seasoning in it,
I took a photo when I made nachos last,)
1 ½ C Cheese
2 TBS Gluten Free Flour (I use Cup4Cup)
3/4 C Milk (Whole works the best)
2 TBS Butter (or Margarine)
In a sauce pan on medium head, add the milk and butter.
Stir this until the butter melts (or don’t, I sometimes let it melt by itself so I can get other parts of the recipes done).
Whisk in the flour. Once it thickens, think gravy, add in the cheese.


Stir this until all the cheese is melted, and it should be thick and creamy.

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