30 Day Photo Challenge

Whenever I see 30 day photo challenges on Pinterest I just can’t resist trying them. I love having a list of things to photograph, especially when I have been feeling a sort of creativity obscuring fog set it. It really helps to pull me out of it.

I have also set up this challenge because I am finding it difficult to find stock images for my blog, and I have been using my own. Which definitely makes me feel like I’m slayin’ it. It’s my goal to be only using my photos on here by the end of the year.

So here goes, this is the list I compiled of 30 things to photograph in 30 days.

© 2017 Lacie Rose, Purl Moon, Purl Moon Co,
If you use this list I would love to see all the awesome different creative takes on it. I made a flickr group so that we could share our photos, thoughts, and ideas about this challenge.

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