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Memory Monday: Woodland Park Zoo April 2016

(This post is pretty old I forgot to actually publish it after I wrote it.)

The Woodland Park Zoo is the first zoo that I have been to, to my knowledge. I was amazed at how well decorated the place was. I know that’s probably a really weird thing to comment on, but it was full of displays that were incredibly informative. The animals are all separated by their region of origin, and the areas are decorated accordingly.

We started out by entering from the “Hippo Lot”, or the south entrance. We walked through the Temperate Forest area, then into the Tropical Rain Forest area, through the Penguin area, then to Tropical Asia, Australasia, Northern Trail (North America/Canada), back through the other side of Tropical Asia, and then through Africa on the way back to the car.


Woodland Park Zoo


Some of the animals were hiding, or asleep when we got to them so we didn’t see them.

So here they are finally. I meant to upload these so long ago!
(***Note when I switched hosting I lost a lot of the files, so I updated it with a link to my flickr.)

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