Back to Public School

We have reached a point where home school has caused more harm than good. I mean he is an excellent reader, his handwriting needs much improvement, and he is a re-grouping pro. However, he is so lonely and not having the ability to give him an adequate social outlet has really taken it’s tole.

I am not sure if we’re the kind of family where home school is a good idea anymore. He was unwilling to learn from me, and to take it seriously. In the end I found myself getting overly annoyed with all of the little things he did so it made our time outside of school strained because of the day starting out rough.

So back to school he goes. He is so excited about this. It’s actually really awesome how excited he is. He’s missing his friends.The very worst part is that I was more nervous than when I entered him into kindergarten.

He went back Thursday last week, and this week so far so good. In the past we had a lot of trouble keeping him focused. It was like school was a social engagement but not an educational one. That is also part of what hurt us in home school is that he didn’t have a lot of social and it caused him to get really lonely. I know I said this before, but the weight of seeing your kid lonely is probably one of the worst things.

His new teacher is really nice, she seems very strict and right down to business. Which I think is something that he needs very much. I am excited to pass him off to someone who knows what she is doing. I am also so sad to pass his education onto someone else. It just became too taxing on our relationship, and his mental health.

The very best part of this whole thing is that his very best friend is in his class. That makes a huge difference. I am so excited about this. We’ve already been on the phone with parents scheduling playdates again. We didn’t get a lot of call backs when we tried over the summer, so I didn’t try too hard to schedule them over the school year thinking everyone was busy.

I am glad that he’s showing signs of happiness again, he’s stayed out of trouble, and had a general better attitude overall. I spend the day with the toddler and we have a blast. Then when Nate gets home in the afternoon it’s so great because we just have so much fun together. I think it was the best choice for us to send him back to school.

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