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Journey Into Vlogging

I tried to vlog for the last few months. Well since December, I haven’t been super consistent, but I have noticed my sense of self has been growing. My self-esteem has been climbing, taking with it my productivity and my healthy choices. I can’t even believe the difference in my life so far. I am in awe at the things I have watched myself do over the last month especially.

So here are some updates, I have been kind of neglecting the personal updates on this blog for a while. I am not really sure why. Probably a lack of time. Putting out a video every week has been pretty taxing since I run three channels. This channel, that’s connected to this blog, this one that is for my weight loss and healthy life changes, and my son’s channel. In hindsight I should have just kept the health one on the same channel as this blog one. Though I didn’t think that everyone who followed for craft stuff would want to watch my weight loss journey.

So I cut meat out of my diet. Well, most meats. I keep eating some fish because at this point I am not really sure why, I just love sushi and I would be pretty sad to not eat it. That’s pretty much the only reason. I’ve been working out daily. Having a small community of people on the internet who don’t actually see me everyday but we all wish each other well, has been such a helpful thing.

Putting it out there and holding myself accountable has been a serious thing lately. It’s hard to be honest with ourselves, let alone a ton of strangers, though somehow I found the courage to just do it. That has helped.

I really wish I had more forethought about stuff so I could record things as they happen in the day, but I often forget about it. We have a weekly family vlog on one of my channels and I really need to get my crap together and work on that more.

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