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5 Awesome Things that Happened when I Switched to the Diva Cup

I want to start this out by saying that these are my opinions, I have not been compensated for sharing them. I purchased my Diva Cup at a local whole foods store here in town. That being said, let’s get this started.

I never thought I would be the type of woman who put a cup… inside my vagina during my period. I was really hesitant to tampons, and didn’t actually use them (unless I was swimming) until after I had my oldest son. I got to a point where it was really hard to come up with the money for tampons, and pads every month. Having a one income household sometimes gets kind of rough, so in order to help the burden I was looking for cost effective and environmentally beneficial period products that weren’t like super cheap and made of questionable substance. I mean that’s my vagina after all.

In my super secret mommy group on facebook, a few of the girls use the Diva Cup. So I had already heard a few things about it. When I asked them what they thought about the difference of the products. They said hands down that the diva cup was the way to go. So with a strong endorsement from some of my most cherished friends, I decided to try it.

Devin laughed at me a little when I first told him about it. Not in a mean way or anything, more in a curious way. The conversation went a little like.

Me: “I need $40 on my period this month.”

Him: “Buying gold tampons?”

I went on to explain that if he gave me double the amount then I wouldn’t ask for period money for a while. I have only had to buy one package of pads since I got this. That time, I was super sick and didn’t feel like having anything inside me, and that was the only instance I have used any other period product since I switched over to the Diva Cup.

It has been since last July. I don’t think I will ever go back to tampons. I don’t have cramps anymore. I don’t have to take out the bathroom trash daily. I don’t have to endure that tampon smell. Not to be gross but, come on girls, you know what I mean. With the cup, you can leave it in up to 12 hours. I like to only go for about 8, just because 12 seems like a long time for something to be there.

I think with things like menstrual cups the thought is way more disgusting than the actual practice of it. There is already a general level of “disgusting” when dealing with periods, however natural they are, they are messy. They aren’t something pleasant to talk about. They definitely aren’t pleasant to deal with.

So there I was, that time of the month, bracing myself for absolute disgust. I read the directions three times through, and with a nervousness in my chest, I just did it. I put the cup in, washed my hands and yes it was weird. It felt weird. I am not even going to lie. The stem stuck out a little, and then I felt an awful cramp. So I took it out, washed it, and put it back in. This time it was easier to put in, and it didn’t cramp. When it was time to empty it, I waited 6 hours because I was unsure about it. I pulled it out per the directions, and it wasn’t a gross huge mess. My fingers weren’t dirty, as crazy as that sounds. The cup blocked all of it from coming out at all.

The crazy thing about it was that when you clean it out in the sink, it’s not that gross. You dump it in the toilet first, and hand wash it in the sink. If you do it right the running water rinses the cup before you even go to wash it. If that makes any sense. Like the messiest part would probably be putting it back in after, and even that isn’t half as bad as pulling a tampon out.

If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. They are more marketed towards women who have had children before, but they make them for women who haven’t. I have heard of some who haven’t had children that loved it as much as women who have. I read so many reviews before I got one, and talked to several ladies. I am probably rambling at this point. However, I cannot stress enough how much better my body feels since I switched.

At the end of the day it’s your period, your choice on what you use. I personally like to reduce my footprint on this earth, by reducing my landfill waste, and and I like to do what I think is best for my body, and my wallet.

Click these links, if you want more information on menstrual cups, and the diva cup. Watch this Hannah Witton video, it is absolutely the best.

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