3rd Birthdays, Sickness, and Thoughts

Matty turned 3 on April 7th, and I was so busy with our new cat, youtube, and his birthday party to actually make a birthday post. I also missed the 1 year anniversary of this domain name, and “fresh start” it gave me. There will be a birthday post for him soon. I just need to get the pictures in order. (There are so many I want to put on, but not everyone wants to see 50 pictures!)

We’ve been sick. So freaking sick. At first I thought it was allergies. Then, the day after Bubble’s birthday I got really sick, sore throat and what not. I kid you not, it is April 19, and I am still sick. Devin and Matty went to the doctor about it, and basically said “it will pass, just treat the symptoms.” Which is great, she recommended honey and steam for the baby and gave Daddy antibiotics.

I have so many plans for this year, and so little time. I need to work on time management. I am applying for college this year. I decided to finally get my education on, and try to follow my dreams. I am really nervous, but it is an excited nervous.

Nate has been behaving a lot better lately. I have really been working on my responding, instead of reacting. Not to mention, when I give myself a moment to breathe before I confront him about something, it gives me time to form the words in a way that he will understand and not from anger. That has helped a lot. I know I don’t often talk about the behavioral problems. However if you have a kid with adhd there are a lot of behavioral things that you are aware of, but don’t like to broadcast about.

He has been doing really well in school lately, and since we got him on a medication. There is a post coming up about that. Though, the medication seems to be helping him focus in school and not act out as much, while retaining his individuality, and creativity.

I have been trying to read as much as I can lately. Trying to expand my mind. I don’t know. I just see myself as this person, and it is definitely not the person I want to be. Trying to build your life back up after you’ve hit the bottom is a long hard road. I’m sure that’s why they always say life is a journey.

So just keep going. Keep striving for the things that you want. Stay motivated and in the game. Take breaks when you need to. Say no. Learn to talk to yourself kindly. Don’t stress about the things you can’t change…because you can’t change them. And always, always spread the love.

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