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Bubble’s 3rd Birthday

I am horrible. I did not take a single picture at his birthday party. I took a few videos, though I forgot about pictures. I was coming down with a cold, and there was chaos happening. I tried to not let my anxiety get the best of me, so a lot of things were laid back and relaxed, and some things were not. Parent to parent, I am sure you can relate at some point.

He was so happy all day. We took him to the dollar tree and let him pick out a few things. Then we went to the park, and let him play. He even managed to fall asleep at naptime, and was mostly rested for the party. It was supposed to be a Paw Patrol party but I ended up being over budget bill wise so we had the bare essentials for the party. We put some of his toys on the cake though.

I do this thing with their birthdays and we ask people to give them books instead of birthday cards. That way it’s close to the same price, and it’s not going to be thrown away. So I set up my white board at the start of all the parties and have everyone sign it and leave a message. I was also so excited that my grandma got him a bunch of used books. They’re so beat up and so old and it blessed me so much. Usually she’s the one who buys the big and annoying toys because she knows they will just love them (and they totally do!)


Right before their birthday season began I put out a plea on facebook with a photo of all their toys (not all but they we don’t want the world to know we’re hoarders). I was basically just asking that they keep in mind the chaos we have going on here in the toy department before they bought the kids presents. I was so delighted when he only had like 4 presents that were toys. The rest was cash, clothes, and his Grammy got him gymnastics classes.

I just can’t even believe how big he is. He is so smart, and mature for a 3 year old in the way he talks and thinks. His obedience has greatly declined in the last 2 weeks though. I am convinced it’s the terrible threes, and the terrific twos. At the first gymnastic session he was so disobedient I literally cried the whole drive home. He has been coming off a sickness for a bit so he was tired and saw the equipment and just wanted to play. Today is the day of the second one and I am having his daddy go with him.

Here is a photo look back at some of the memories from his life that we’ve captured digitally.



Thank you for reading while I share this emotional yet beautiful day with you all. Don’t forget to watch the video! Let me know in the comments how old your littles are and what times of things you do for their birthdays.

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