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Natie’s 9th Birthday

I can’t even believer we’re here again. This time of year always gets me. Like, how is he this big? I remember when he looked like this.

He has taken great strides in his life this year. In fact for the last few days his good behavior has been completely on point. Academically he is at reading level, slightly behind in math, (common core, am I right?), and on track for all other subjects. This is seriously a huge accomplishment for us.

In the last year we tried homeschool, holistic medicinal remedies for ADHD, the legal ones of course, we settled on a low dose of medication, and this seems to be working. He has learned how to share better with his brother, how to take responsibility for his actions, and he has grown several inches.

I have never loved anyone more than I love this kid. The first moment I looked into his eyes, I knew it was him and I. No one else mattered to me as much as him. I may have only been 19, but I understood the depth and the love. There is no other feeling quite like motherhood. Whether you deliver the baby, you lose the baby before you get to hold it and kiss their face, or if you love a baby someone else couldn’t love, the feeling and the power of motherhood is universal.

His party was pretty great, we had it today at the park. Not a lot of kids from his class came, but his best friends came and that was great. My phone was off for half the week so other kids might have contacted me and not gotten through so they didn’t come. I don’t know. Either way he seemed pretty happy with the 6 kids that came.

I am so socially awkward my heart was so happy when the parents said,”Hey can we leave and come back?” Not because I don’t like them, but because I don’t know how to talk  to them. Most of Nate’s friend’s parents are right in between my age and my mom’s. His best friend’s mom always contacts my mom to schedule play dates instead of me. Which is fine because I am awkward…AF.

Anyhow, the pinata finally got used. Which was awesome. I didn’t get that many pictures of the day. Though here are some of the great ones I got.


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