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Mother’s Day 2017

As Mother’s Day approaches I have to remember all the beautiful mamas that came before me. I get extremely emotional this time of year. There is just so much overwhelming love that this holiday brings up. There is nothing greater than beauty of creating life or nurturing a baby that someone else carried. Love. Simply love. Yet at the same time, big and extraordinary love.

From Left, Me, Sister Chelsea, Mommy.

My own mother is seriously someone special. She is always there when I need her. When I am injured I always call her first, or if my kids are sick I have to call her. When we go to her house for anything, the first thing I do is open the fridge, because what else do you do at mom’s house? She thinks about me when no one else does. Knowing that someone loves me that much sometimes makes me cry. I wish I could return the affection and the love, though it feels like I could never even give her anything that would be good enough. She created me, and after growing my own babies in my body, trying to teach them right from wrong, and how to navigate this crazy world, I have a much better understanding of her, and her love.

My grandma Bootsie holding Matty when he was a baby.

My maternal grandma Bootsie is seriously my motivation to get healthy and stay fit. She is almost 90 and goes to the gym with my mom 3 times a week. It amazes me how well she is doing because I have known so many other people in my life who haven’t even made it to 80. Over the years she saw the important things in life and made the changes she needed to so that she could watch her family grow. She has the know how to get any stain out of anything. If I have a house cleaning question she has several solutions for it. I can’t even begin to describe her amazing sense of humor. She can have me laughing for days. I still retell jokes she told me when I was younger.

From Left, Sister Chelsea, Granny Carol, Me.

My paternal grandma, Carol, rest her soul. I can’t believe that I have got through this much of my life without her. She passed when I was 12, and I have thought about her every day since. She was the woman who taught me right from wrong. She taught me how to use my manners, and how to love people with an open and warm heart. We were at her house a lot growing up. The best daycare is the kind that’s free and family, am I right?

Sadly I wasn’t alive to meet any of my greats. I hear a lot how much I look like them. My mom’s paternal grandma, and my dad’s maternal grandma in particular. It must be the round face and the red hair.

I hope one day my children look at me and are grateful for the life I have given them. That they learn love, and friendship. I hope with everything I have that I am able to teach them how to walk this world, as good people, who are environmentally conscious and who contribute only positive things to society.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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