Wednesday Weigh In #2

I didn’t do so great this week folks. I need to keep documenting these weeks where I stay the same or I gain. I always just don’t do anything, and then I have nothing to look back on at all. I need to keep holding myself accountable for this.

I got a job this week, and so I am hopeful that being on my feet in a fast paced kitchen will help me. My sleep might suffer though and I know that’s not so great for the weight loss, for the body and mind in general. So wish me luck.

We are also trying to find a new place, with $0 savings, and it is so very stressful. So, I can assume that the stress aids in my inability to just get my s**t together and work towards my goals. Bottom line though is that I need to stop making excuses and just get it together.

Weigh In #2
Last Week: 233
Current: 237
Gain: 4lbs
Highest Weight: 256
Height: 5′ 5″

Things I Need to Work On This Week

  • Charging and wearing my fitbit.
  • Eating healthy even when the family isn’t.
  • Sleeping better.
  • Choosing to be more active.

New Short Term Goals

  • Get back down to 230.
  • Bike/Walk to work.
  • Run 2x a week, & hike 2x a week.
  • Walk 5x a week.
  • Yoga 2x daily, morning and night.


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