So, I have almost got my Etsy shop converted over from Rainbows and Sunshine to Purl Moon. It’s so strange that in the short year that I have been Purl Moon, so many things have changed for me. I feel like I am a completely different person.

The best part about it is, that I have half of a craft fair inventory left, and I have a bunch of things on the creation table right now. So inventory has been going really smoothly this time around. I always struggled with Etsy because it felt over crowded. However, I recently read an article about how it’s not always a bad thing to be making and selling popular items. In fact, it’s super beneficial. You know the people want it, so after that it’s just about good product images and advertising so that your shop is the one that comes up.

I was so overwhelmed when I first opened my shop. It was 2010 and Etsy was a whole different place back then. You either had to sell something handmade or vintage. That was it, there was no mass produced items from China like there are now. It was a different time.

If you’re crafty and make items you want to sell, definitely check it out. If you click this link and open a shop, you’ll get 40 free listings, the cool thing is that I get 40 free listings also!  Also, make sure to follow me so I can follow you back.

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