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Cleaning Your Digital Storage: Photos

I am meticulous about how I file my photos. I started this system in 2009 and I have kept it up since then. I rarely lose photos, or can’t find them when I stick to my system. I got very frustrated trying to find my photos because I had them in folders titled “Baby Nate”, “Lacie”, “Nate 1”, “Lacie 2”, not so random titles too like “Halloween” but then there would be all of October’s photos in there. So I devised a system so I would always know where the photos I need were.

I have mentioned before how important it is to back up your files. This filing system has helped me back up files so much better than I ever could have dreamed.

How to Get Started

First start by year. Organize all your photos by year.

The Second Step

Inside the year folder organize by month. I like to use the number of the month, followed by the name so they are ordered January-December.

I used 2016 since it was the most recent.

Last But Certainly Not Least…

Within these folders I organize by either subject or event.

I took a screenshot of August because it had the most events.

If you can’t remember the date, you can find it. Whenever photos are taken and uploaded to the computer they have metadata. If you’re using Windows, click the picture, but don’t open it. The bottom of the screen should tell you the info about the picture. I split it up so the info was visible. It’s located at the bottom of the screen on Windows. I don’t have a Mac so I am not sure where the info would be on one of those.

So basically this is just my system and it works for me and what I use my photo storage for. Everyone is different and that’s okay. I just like my stuff to be organized in a way where I can find things easily and by date just makes sense to me.

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