Wednesday Weigh In #3

This last week I feel confident that I made a lot of better healthy choices when it comes to food. I did eat quite a bit of cheese, though that’s not as bad as eating a ton of gluten. At first I had trouble getting back into the routine of gluten free, but by the end of the week I have reduced my gluten intake by 80%. We’ll get to a 100% reduction before I know it.

I started my new job last week and I have been doing pretty good there. My body definitely wasn’t ready for 6 hours on my feet! Going from being a stay at home mom to being a food service employee and whatnot. I was going to walk to work and back, but we got a blizzard the first day, and then the second day Devin was off so he just showed up and got me. Which was nice, because my feet did hurt.

I however spent a lot more of my “free time” deep cleaning the house. I’ve been doing this leading up to our impending move. We still have no line on a place, but I am hoping we will be able to get in somewhere soon. So my goal to stay more active definitely has been achieved. Let’s hope I can keep it up. Moving forward, working a physically demanding job instead of an on computer job has been helping me stay active a ton.

Weigh In #3
Last Week: 237
Current: 234
Gain/loss: -3
Highest Weight: 256
Height: 5′ 5″

Things I Need to Work On This Week

  • Charging and wearing my fitbit. (again!)
  • Sleeping better.
  • Being less hard on myself when I fail. Loving self talk is important. <3

New Short Term Goals

  • Get back down to 230.
  • Bike/Walk to work.
  • Run 2x a week, & hike 2x a week.
  • Walk 5x a week.
  • Yoga 2x daily, morning and night.

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