Family Update

It has been absolute chaos around here. We have decided to move forward in our lives, and we are going to make some serious changes. Actually they have already started. We had a successful yard sale a few weeks ago, I am slowly selling 90% of our possessions, so that we can downsize enough to live somewhere small for now. We plan to save money, and go from there.

I am so excited about this plan. Especially since Matty is potty trained now, it’s been almost a whole month. I am so excited about it. It also means that he gets to go to preschool.

I recently got a job, and because we are moving 40 miles away I now have to quit this job. I love the job, hate the hours. I also don’t want to commute all that way for 5 hour shifts 3 nights a week. So I plan to put in notice and then spend the little time we have left packing, cleaning, and having yard sales.

The best part is I have gotten so great at sewing that I have been slowly stocking a small inventory to have a booth at our local Saturday People’s Market. Not to mention one of my good friends is hosting a craft fair in November and is letting me have a table.

I have already downsized enough that we have decided that we are going to have a tote system for moving. I completely plan to write a post about this ingenious system as soon as I get the photos for it.

There are so many more updates that I want to share, but I can’t right now. I will definitely keep you guys updated. The internet was down for a few weeks there, and the family time was so amazing. I can’t even lie, we put off paying the bill for a while just because of the nice family time we were having.

Also stay tuned on my family vlog, there will be some unedited, unfiltered updates coming. We’re about to enter a strange new territory. I’ve never moved with a 9 and 3 year old. I am sure this is going to get challenging.

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