Our Family’s Journey to Minimalism: The Beginning

We have decided to become minimalists. Not the extreme ones, and not the people who are kidding themselves assuming that title with an over abundance of possessions. We have decided to downsize our possessions by 90% because I have to face the music and admit to myself that I am a hoarder.

I am sad to say I was too embarrassed to take actual pictures of all my junk. Though, we have made such great strides in getting rid of it. I sold $100+ worth at a yard sale I had a few weeks ago. I plan to have another one tomorrow, and then yet another one after we actually move into my mother-in-law’s house. That way I can just sell it all here, and take it to donate after the sale.

The biggest problem areas I have are papers, books, and crafts. As a writer I often find inspiration everywhere and I try to take note of it so that I don’t forget. I haven’t fully transitioned into the digital age, most of my work is on paper. I don’t know why I do that, being an environmentalist I should make better choices, though paper just gets my creativity flowing so much better than a keyboard.

Devin and the kids just have tons and tons of clothes and shoes. That’s not as big of a problem as my boxes and boxes of papers and books. Not to mention my 4 plastic mini dressers full of craft supplies. I am trying to fit them all into one plastic 3 drawered dresser thing. Whatever I can’t fit I have to get rid of.

Minimalism is such a personal journey. I have been trying to go down this road since early last year, I just wasn’t working as hard for it as I am now. I have to get this stuff out of here somehow and we’re going to be living in a basement with 2 bedrooms. The rest of our stuff has to go into storage, so why store stuff we can just purchase again later if we decide we absolutely need it?



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