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ZigZag Scarf Knitting Pattern {Free}

This zigzag scarf pattern was modified from a blanket that I was making which can be found here. As I was working on that blanket, I kept thinking man this would make a great scarf. Then I looked and I couldn’t find one like it anywhere, so I wrote the pattern myself. Great beginner project, works up in a few hours a day for a few days.


Size 8 Needles
Worsted Weight Yarn (4)

Some notes:

This pattern is a 40 row repeat, of the same 4 rows. I strongly recommend the use of stitch markers, or safety pins to mark the corner where the zig becomes a zag, of a zag becomes a zig.

ZigZag Scarf Knitting Pattern:

CO 20 ST
R1: kfb, k18, k2tog
R2: k

(Do this 15 times)

R1: K
R2: kfb, k18, k2tog

(Do this 15 times)

Continue repeating these until it is desired length. Scarves are supposed to be the height (or armspan) of the person you are making it for.

In using this pattern you are agreeing to not replicate the written pattern and sell/trade/upload it as your own. You may sell the items made with it.

Let me know what yours looks like! I’d love to see it. Thanks for commenting!

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