Mesh Market Bag (Free Crochet Pattern)

J- Hook Worsted Weight Yarn (4) Darning Needle (Weaving in ends) Bag R1: MR DC 12, SLST join. (12) R2: CH2 *2DC in each ST. SlST join. (24) R3: CH2 *2 DC in 1 ST, 1 DC in next rep around. SLST join. (36) R4: CH3 *1 DC in next, CH1, rep around. SLST join. … Read More

{Crochet Free Pattern} Wall Organizer

I found a picture on google one day of an organizer. So I had to make one. I couldn’t find a pattern. So, I wrote one based on the image. I made a few modifications to it. I have been informed that the original photo was a pattern from Crochet World magazine. Sorry this is the … Read More